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Web Design Tips 101 – Understanding Htags, Style vs. SEO

At Advanta Advertising, we understand the confusion that may arise when using htags, in terms of styling and SEO.

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Google Is Your Website’s Bread and Butter

It’s National Pickle Day

National Pickle Day began in the Lower East Side in the late 1990’s to pay homage to the picklers that once sold their goods throughout the neighborhood. With fewer brick and mortar stores being built, these days merchants look to their websites to sell goods – leaving only one storefront devoted to pickles in the Lower East Side.

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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Marketing your business is necessary for growth but can be costly. There are often overlooked marketing tools to boost your business without a “big business” price tag. From website maintenance to creating a branded email signature, we’d like to share the top 5 budget-friendly marketing tools to help promote your small business.

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Kick Back, Relax, and Enjoy National Lazy Day

Today is National Lazy Day! The one holiday that promotes doing nothing at all. There is no documented history for this holiday, but we are sure that’s because the creators were too busy celebrating.

Dedicated to relaxation and leisure, today is all about taking a little time to separate yourself from the hectic pace of life, and appreciate the simple things in life.

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Meet Hugh

Likes: #TeamAdvanta, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, science, biology, helping people, broccoli, playing Battleship, Star Trek, Star Wars, pistachio gelato, technology, geocaching, pina coladas, popcorn, sports, science and chemistry jokes, quirky/forgotten and traditional holidays, talk radio, Coffee drinker extraordinaire!

Dislikes: Karaoke, germs, polka dots

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Geeks across the globe celebrate your individuality!


We’re geeking out! Today is National Embrace Your Geekness Day! Whether you’re a science-lover, a board game enthusiast, or a Trekkie – we are all a little bit geeky about something. We can all take this opportunity to embrace what we’re passionate about, and shout it from the roof tops!

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We See Science in Everything

The innocent mind of a child believes that their individual actions have enormous impact on the world. The dedicated men and women in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Life Science and Biotech industry know this is true. They witness it every day. Scientists, chemists, lab technicians and product development teams embrace the change that others fear, constantly taking on the challenge of finding new cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways to forge new ground and improve all aspects of life.

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Lessening Our Impact on the Environment

The simple yet powerful phrase: “We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children” says volumes about our world’s increased need to focus on reducing the overall environmental footprint of mankind. Across the globe we see how nations, companies, and individuals all play a vital role in this effort.

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Food Industry Supply vs. Demand

800 million people around the world suffer from food shortages each day – so much so that the United Nations is calling for a 50% increase in food production by the year 2030. The question is, can high-yield soybean crops help meet this call to feed a hungry and growing world while remaining environmentally and economically sustainable?

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Animal Health Care

Dogs have long been called man’s best friend, but facts also show that the company of cats have the ability to extend the span of a person’s life; the presence of birds as pets have shown a positive effect on heart rate and gazing into the fish tank has shown to lower human blood pressure. With all the positive benefits that our pets provide us without asking anything in return except love, it’s important that we provide the attention they need to live longer healthier lives.

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