Cock that hat, bat those eyes, swing LuLu, life is but a song, dance, and reflection of what can be, so you better get on with the show. When Louise Brooks opened Pandora’s box in 1929, the roaring ’20s didn’t know what hit them. She may have been from the silent era of movie-making, but boy oh boy, did she understand just like Advanta does, what it meant to personify, amplify, and move with conviction. So let’s get on with the show and don’t forget to tell your friends cause your competition is on at high noon, and everyone within arms reach of the internet is gonna be watching them, not you.

Remember, there is no place like home, and no amount of clicking your ruby red glittering slippers or calling Auntie Em is going to help you find the yellow brick road to your somewhere over the rainbow. There is no wizard behind the curtain turning knobs, widgets, levers, and pulleys to make the magic happen, just like in OZ, there is something or someone who has the know-how to make the lights turn on, get the camera rolling and direct the “ACTION” to begin! That’s where Advanta comes in. We get the Emerald City just the right shade of green, take the script out of scripted words, bring a storyboard to life, land the actors on their mark, get ready on the set and GO! We want you to reel and revel in the ahh of the power and message you possess, and your clients need to see to believe. Yes, Advanta knows all too well seeing is believing.

So if you want “for your customers to get you my pretty,” like the wicked witch of the west would say then, show them, don’t just tell them what your company, team, science, and services are all about. Because Glenda the good witch knew it best, after all, she said Dorothy, “You had the power all along, my dear.” and you do as well. Find your heart like the tinman, use your amazing brain like the scarecrow, and find your courage like the lion to muster up your spellbinding cyclone of technicolor magic. Pull them in, get them engaged, and steal the show silently like Ms. Brooks, having your industry, clients, and peers clamoring for your next sequel. You're right, you may not land an Academy Award for best picture, but you certainly will get noticed where it matters most for your business. The internet via your website, tradeshow presence, and social media engagement is your stage. Advanta wants you to be so busy with tons of new business you won't have time to grab that hairbrush and give your bathroom mirror acceptance speech.

Now that’s a smart approach to the science of your photography, video and animation development.


Advanta understands that photography, video, and animation leave a powerful visual impression in the minds of your clients, industry peers, and competitors in the life science, pharmaceutical, chemical, instrumentation and biotechnology industries. This form of advertising provides an opportunity to spark the interest of a client or potential customer by invoking multiple emotions about the company, product, or service in a way that print collateral and even one-on-one conversations cannot.

By blending sound, moving pictures, and cutting edge graphics combined with your story, Advanta will bring to life and your customers a new perspective and a new way to discover your offerings. We will help direct you to create personalized, professional, high-quality photography and video of your facility, drug, or product in action from video pre-production to photo enhancement. All you have to do is say, Cheeze!


We can guide you in the photography, video, and animation development process through the following services:

  • Photography Shoots
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Photo Image Corrections
  • Video Pre-production (Scripting, Research, Scheduling, Budgeting)
  • Video Production (Lighting, Shooting, Audio, Interviewing)
  • Video Post-production (Editing, Music, Voice Over, Graphics)
  • Animation Development


We welcome the opportunity to learn about your next photography, video, or animation project and explore how our team can support your needs, vision, and corporate goals.

Please complete the brief form below, and we’ll respond quickly, either by phone or email. Or, you can contact us directly at (847) ADVANTA or via [email protected].

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