Likes: #TeamAdvanta, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, science, biology, helping people, broccoli, playing Battleship, Star Trek, Star Wars, pistachio gelato, technology, geocaching, pina coladas, popcorn, sports, science and chemistry jokes, quirky/forgotten and traditional holidays, talk radio, Coffee drinker extraordinaire!

Dislikes: Karaoke, germs, polka dots

Fun Facts: He’s very cautious, anal retentive, and just a little bit of a know-it-all. He wears glasses because he is allergic to contacts. He is ambidextrous.

From: Houston (Hughston), Texas

Tone: Nerdy, casual

Hugh’s Job Description

Hugh loves science and technology almost as much as he loves helping people. It was only natural that he found himself as the face of Advanta, where he is able to build meaningful relationships with companies to help deliver their message.

Hugh enjoys sharing info about the newest scientific and technical advancements, provoking creative thought, and really connecting with visitors and followers. He thrives on being a thought leader and knowledge resource to the public.

He’s as comfortable hanging out and chatting in social media streams as he is in the more formal setting of the Knowledge Center.

When he’s not working tirelessly to help our clients heal, feed, and fuel the world, Hugh is enjoying the simple pleasures in life like a good chemistry joke or a cup of great coffee.