Marketing your business is necessary for growth but can be costly. There are often overlooked marketing tools to boost your business without a “big business” price tag. From website maintenance to creating a branded email signature, we’d like to share the top 5 budget-friendly marketing tools to help promote your small business.

1. Website Maintenance

It is so important for your business to have a website today; it provides customers with valuable information about your company at the touch of their smartphones. Your website needs to be maintained to ensure it contributes expected return on investment (ROI) and increases visits. Website maintenance catches issues like errors and hacks, and reviews and applies useful updates, to contribute to your visitors having a positive experience.

2. SEO

Your website isn’t doing you any good if your customers can’t find it; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your business. Not only does SEO help search engines find your website and rank it against competing sites, but it ensures that there is always a great user experience. It is an analyzed, common sense application to increase the visibility, credibility, and usefulness of your website, so it’s no surprise that SEO is known for providing an excellent ROI.

3. Email Marketing

Whether you want to let your customers or potential customers that you’ll be attending a tradeshow, you are alerting them about an upcoming sale, providing an early-bird discount, or you just want to share some valuable information, email marketing provides an excellent way to keep in touch with your audience.

Email marketing is both cost- and time-effective, providing useful, measurable results. Without spending money on stamps, paper, or printing, you can share your message with thousands of people at the click of a button.

4. Slogans or Taglines

Slogans or taglines might seem like just be a simple description of your company and what it does, but don’t doubt their tremendous impact. The short copy differentiates your company from your competitors and can translate across a variety of mediums. Creating a memorable slogan or tagline can inform your customers about your company’s culture and values, and make your service or product immediately identifiable.

5. Email Signature

You probably send hundreds of emails every day; email is a fact of life for today’s business. For very little time or money, creating a branded email signature can draw traffic to your website and social media platforms, celebrate special occasions, milestones or events, and reinforce your branding.

Having a consistent, branded email footer for all employees increases brand recognition and provides email recipients with useful, quick contact information.

Small businesses keep a close eye on the bottom line and don’t have margin for costly marketing mistakes. Implementing the top 5 budget-friendly marketing tools is the best place to start to build your business and improve your ROI.