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Google Sheets Essentials for Marketing

Google Sheets has proven to be highly valuable in a variety of marketing situations. Advanta uses Google sheets to track new business contacts, to project manage our life sciences tradeshow logistics processes, and even to plan our social media content calendar each year.

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Logistics from A to Z

Logistics is the methods used to get the right product to the right location, at the right time. Defining how goods and services move along the supply chain is crucial to company success. They can move from factory to customer, or supplier to factory. There are clear steps to be taken that integrate key decisions, processes, and strategies. Your answers will prepare you for efficient inventory management, distribution, and delivery.

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FAQs of Life Sciences Marketing

Wondering where to start in your life sciences marketing? The Advanta Team shares some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions, our answers, and some pro tips to help you effectively market your life sciences company.

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An Introduction to Life Sciences Marketing

When considering how to communicate your science and its market potential, CEO & Creative Director, Stephanie N. Kuhla, shares five basic tips for life sciences marketing.

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How to Effectively Collaborate With Your SEO

Your Advanta SEO team has more than five years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry: We speak your language!

Your SEO team has experience in both editing digital content to improve the User Experience (UX) and coding for effective search engine communication. Both of these skills help to increase the likelihood of conversions and improve your website’s ROI.

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How to Review a Marketing Proposal

How should you review a marketing proposal to get the most value for your budget? Marketing proposals can be either thin or robust. Is one better than the other? CEO & Creative Director, Stephanie Kuhla shares some tips from her years in advertising and personal experience in the development process of writing a comprehensive and thoughtful proposal.

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How Do Heat Maps Help Improve My Website Design?

If you’ve ever watched Ghost Hunters, or any other paranormal investigation show, you’ve seen the “hunters” use a hand-held device called a thermal camera. These thermal cameras are scientific instruments used to visualize temperature changes in the environment. In the shows, the temperature changes are caused by the presence of ghosts… or so they say.

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5 Tips for Proofreading Website Content

“Let’s eat grandma!”

“Let’s eat, grandma!”

Looking at the two sentences above, the only visible difference is the addition of one little comma. But forgetting that one little comma drastically changes the meaning from an untimely demise for grandma, to an invitation extended towards grandma to eat.

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How to Research Effective Keywords

While keywords and long-tail keyword phrases are not the be all, end all of website content, they can become the foundation of your user experience. When you provide for an excellent user experience, you are building your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Researching effective keywords are a fundamental part of SEO.

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