Dogs have long been called man’s best friend, but facts also show that the company of cats have the ability to extend the span of a person’s life; the presence of birds as pets have shown a positive effect on heart rate and gazing into the fish tank has shown to lower human blood pressure. With all the positive benefits that our pets provide us without asking anything in return except love, it’s important that we provide the attention they need to live longer healthier lives.

The animal healthcare industry is growing and complex, with many of the same goals and needs as that of human healthcare. Finding solutions to improve the quality of animal’s lives, fulfill owner’s needs and build trusted relationships with both animal and owner are goals of every pharmaceutical and drug development company. Creating proactive solutions makes for healthy pets and owners, leaving less worry about the risks and more time for play.

Advanta Advertising, LLC takes a proactive approach when it comes to client relations. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships built on trust and the positive effect this can have on your business. Our attention to your project or campaign will produce effective solutions while still maintaining the health of your budget. With Advanta on your side, you will find yourself with fewer risks to question and enjoying greater peace of mind.