Marie Curie got it right when she put her backbone into her work. After all, she possessed the pioneering spirit, extensive knowledge under her belt, and could show you how to see from the inside out, literally with her mobile X-Ray technology. She knew her stuff, wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, led by example to become a two time Nobel Prize winner in two scientific fields and a world-renowned scholar to boot. Now that’s the spirit! Get the itch of progress, and a bee in your bonnet, and anything can happen. She knew small, and big breakthroughs are always within reach if you have the right combination of elements. Poof or Boom, it's literally up to you!

The same holds true in brand development. If you mix a pinch of creativity, a smidge of exploration, a dollop of knowledge, and a whole-lotta consistency to your approach, you're well on your way to mastering the next major scientific discovery and building a better brand for your company. Anything is possible when you know who you are, where you want to go, and you stay the course. Right?

We think so and have applied this approach to brand building, core messaging, and marketing communications for life science, pharma, chemical, instrumentation and biotechnology industries for over 20 years. Advanta understands that just like Marie Curie did and the work you do to feed, heal, and fuel the world, a reliable brand must leave an indelible impression in your clients’ hearts and minds and must possess the potential to change the lives it touches for the better.

Upon first glance, your brand and logo set the tone and precedence for your company amongst your competition. One icon, a few colors, and type styling has a lot resting on its shoulders representing your company. It expresses your company's personality, provides insight into what you do, and hints to your current and potential customers how you do it. They say, first impression, lasting impression. Essentially, it's the science experiment that you must get right the first time. But that’s okay; we are used to the pressure of cooking up a logo and brand that embodies all of what your company is and is yet to become. It’s in our DNA.

Now that’s a smart approach to the science of your logo, brand building, and marketing.


Advanta understands the importance of making a great first impression. From your logo, slogan, core messages, and content, your company brand is the face you present to the outside world, and it is our job to ensure you are projecting the right impression the first time, every time.

We’re listening to your brand story and understand how to impactfully reach your targeted audience by looking at things from a different perspective, from the outside, in. Through our uniquely creative conceptual approach to problem-solving, industry-related knowledge of the life sciences, and accurate understanding of achievable expectations, we will creatively drive your company’s brand identity to the next level.

We will help guide you every step of the way by refocusing your efforts, expanding industry perceptions, and implementing marketing initiatives toward improving your brand’s health, trade show presence, advertising, and website. It is what we do best.


We can guide you in the brand development process through the following services:

  • Logo / Brand Identity
  • Stationery Set
  • Business Cards
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Tagline & Slogans
  • Content Development
  • Mission / Vision & Elevator Statements
  • Product Naming
  • New Product Launch
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Collateral Material
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Banner Stands & Posters
  • Promotional Items


We welcome the opportunity to learn about your next branding and marketing project and explore how our team can support your needs, vision, and corporate goals.

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