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Being a company that runs just outside of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we understand what independence stands for and what our forefathers fought so hard to provide “We the People.” After all, the First Amendment to our National Constitution is all about free speech and the press, which grants us all the ability to exercise the right to express ourselves peaceably.

Getting the word and news out into the big bad world is built in our white, blue and red (yes, read) fabric of our enduring American made weave and courses through our news thirsty blood. Remember good ole Paul, our first town crier, yes, the one that was revered for jumping on his horse “Midnight” after a long day of silversmithing to engrave upon his community that the “British were coming, the British were coming.” Psst, true history was he passed the delicate information on from town to town so as not to alert the guys in the red coats - honestly couldn’t people see them coming from a mile away anyway sporting their RED coats - geez).

But you get the point, right? Between Mr. Revere’s patriotic tenacity and when tinkerer Ben Franklin saddled up to the printing press (which he invented), there was a major news storm brewing on the horizon in 1776, just bursting at the star-filled and red striped seams to be shared with the masses. If you listen closely, you can still hear the local town crier’s echoes yelling Hear ye, Hear ye! There is news to be told, sold, and heard, so why not let it be you to get the word out first!

Hot off the presses!, Extra!, Extra! Read all about it! This just in! Breaking news!! However, you get your information; in black and white print, local paperboy, the infamous Walter Cronkite, PR Newswire, or your local community town crier. You need to keep with the times, share the wealth of your knowledge, and make sure everyone beyond the bubble you created sees, hears, and reacts to your newsworthy reporting.

Tick, tick, tick tick, a news bulletin from CBS News, Walter Cronkite reporting this November 22, 1963, from Dallas Texas the flash apparently official, President John F. Kennedy died at 1 PM CST, 2 PM EST, some thirty-eight minutes ago. One shot that was felt around the world.

August 28th, 1963, on the Lincoln Memorial’s steps, in Washington D.C, a speech that was heard around the world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave the people his omnipotent, “I have a Dream” speech that delivered the spark of freedom to ignite the flame of hope for all people’s civil rights, not just a select few.

Dunt, du dunt, dun du dunt. This is BBC Breaking News; it is 6:31 AM here at University Hospital, Coventry England; we are pleased to announce that 90-year-old Margaret Keenan is the first in the world to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, Tuesday, December 8, 2020. After receiving the shot, Maggie stated, "I feel so privileged to be the first person vaccinated against Covid-19" and “It was a massive day for me...and the world.”

News that never is forgotten. It leaves an indelible impression, teaches us something, and is an expression of our true nature, to feel, express, share and grow. The freedom and responsibility of our words we must not take for granted. With every voice that rings from 1776 to 1963, into 2001 to 2021, our words need to be clear, well thought out, and expressed in a manner that earmarks our history, big or small, shaping our world as we know it now and in the future. Get your news out there. Let people know, let them marinate between your story’s lines, and leave an impression of your historical making.

Just like public news has evolved our world history, let it help evolve your business.

Now that’s a smart approach to the science of your public relations marketing.

Public Relations Services for the BioPharma Industry

Advanta understands that navigating the news and media world is complicated when you never wrote a press release or implemented a PR program before. We can help you through the technical advancements, unexpected market shifts, and other outside events because we specialize in assisting brands in shaping public perception and building long-term credibility within the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, analytical, and medical industries.

Our experience, combined with third-party objectivity, helps clients plan and implement PR programs that raise awareness and address the issues important to the media, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

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