800 million people around the world suffer from food shortages each day – so much so that the United Nations is calling for a 50% increase in food production by the year 2030. The question is, can high-yield soybean crops help meet this call to feed a hungry and growing world while remaining environmentally and economically sustainable? The biotechnology industry understands that sustainability in agriculture impacts the earth, the environment, and the human condition. Companies continually work to increase yield in soybean growth and production while finding alternative ways to decrease soil erosion, preserve top soil, reduce herbicide run off and reduce CO2 emissions. The better the yield with little or no environmental impact, the more people we feed while sustaining the soil, land and earth. Advanta Advertising, LLC realizes the same holds true with your advertising budget and campaign. We are mindful of the needs of both your client and the end product. Your wisely spent dollars will increase your product’s marketplace awareness and yield you a high return on your investment. Advanta’s goal is to provide you with a campaign that successfully solves your marketing and PR management needs by growing your brand and increasing productivity. Let us help you make sure your campaign withstands the test of time. BUILDING BETTER BRANDS – IT’S IN OUR DNA.