The simple yet powerful phrase: “We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children” says volumes about our world’s increased need to focus on reducing the overall environmental footprint of mankind. Across the globe we see how nations, companies, and individuals all play a vital role in this effort. Life Science companies focus on streamlining R&D efforts and finding ways to reduce the raw materials used in manufacturing, production processes, and packaging. Households and individuals can be mindful to implement energy efficiencies, reduce waste, and recycle prudently. At Advanta Advertising, LLC, we strive to lead by example. We correspond with our clients through email, utilize PDF project proofs, and maintain an electronic filing system to minimize paper and waste. We encourage our employees to work virtually thereby reducing our dependence on transportation and fossil fuels. For you, we constantly seek unique ways to conduct and expand your business reach through innovative e-marketing campaigns, web presence and internet marketing strategies. As an Advanta client we help you reach your pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, and life science marketing goals and you can be confident that our steps, while simple, help us minimize the world’s carbon footprint. BUILDING BETTER BRANDS – IT’S IN OUR DNA.