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Advanta Advertising, LLC Partners With PMC

NCIAP – Peoples Medical Care, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, started with a vision involving the foundation of a clinic that could provide primary care for visiting families from India who are in need of help for their acute or chronic needs at a small fee. Turning the vision into a reality began one year ago as things started to unfold. It was at that point that NCIAP realized that this was just the beginning because of the unmet medical needs in the community. They opened their hearts to serve everyone that came through their doors. Their goal of providing hassle free, quality primary care for Triangle area residents at a nominal fee has become a reality. The services that they provide empower individuals and families of lower economic means, who otherwise lack access to costly, insurance-based health care, to seek medical care.

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Quality Trumps Quantity

In today’s world, even Bessy the Cow feels the pressure. To compete in an over-supplied marketplace she relies on a team of experts providing her with quality resources and support so she can focus on what she does best – milk production.

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