NCIAP – Peoples Medical Care, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, started with a vision involving the foundation of a clinic that could provide primary care for visiting families from India who are in need of help for their acute or chronic needs at a small fee. Turning the vision into a reality began one year ago as things started to unfold. It was at that point that NCIAP realized that this was just the beginning because of the unmet medical needs in the community. They opened their hearts to serve everyone that came through their doors. Their goal of providing hassle free, quality primary care for Triangle area residents at a nominal fee has become a reality. The services that they provide empower individuals and families of lower economic means, who otherwise lack access to costly, insurance-based health care, to seek medical care.

NCIAP physicians not only provide comprehensive primary care for patients’ urgent and ongoing needs, the facility makes testing easier for patients by providing onsite labs, EKG’s and breathing treatments, as well as minor medical issues such as cuts, at a very low cost. PMC has earned the respect of the community, and as a result, they have the ability to coordinate care with various specialists and hospitals, many of whom will also see PMC patients for a very nominal fee. This includes the generosity of Lab Corp, and EMR partner Patagonia health.

NCIAP quickly recognized the need for branding, marketing and promotional help, but the challenge was a lack of funding to make this happen. There was no way that they could handle this in-house and it became apparent that they needed professional help. It was at this point that they decided to approach Advanta Advertising, LLC in the hope that this well respected agency might be able to provide pro bono help.

After several meetings and a careful review of branding and marketing needs, Advanta Advertising, LLC became PMC’s agency of record. The agency responded because of their personal core beliefs that are based on a commitment to give back to the community through the use of their talents, capabilities, and creativity.

The management team at Advanta Advertising, LLC was extremely impressed by the efficient management at PMC, and by their level of commitment to the community. Fortunately, PMC also has the support of many volunteers who spend more than 20 hours a week to help manage the clinic. With all this, PMC is structured so that they provide services for about 17-18 patients every day.

The first task at hand was to expand the PMC brand through the development of a comprehensive PPT presentation that they could share with potential investors, and also use to promote their non-profit services to the community.

Given our size and structure, there is no lack of creative services that we can offer. That includes everything from logos, web design, SEO, banners, tag lines, and interactive media.

Agency president, ZZY, states, “I’m very proud of the contributions our team has made to PMC and the commitment that all of our employees have to this work. We have not only helped them grow and prosper, we will continue to do so.”

“For us, this is a long-term commitment for one reason…it’s who we are.”