Most people make this mistake of confusing quality with money. It is a wrong notion to believe that splurging a lot of money will ensure a great website and eventual smooth running of the business. To create a website live and kicking, the first thing that needs to be done is plan certain aspects, like long-term goals, short-term goals, etc. Then pass on the information or the outlook to us at Advanta. This is where we are different from the rest. We value your long-term development more than pecuniary benefits. With the above-mentioned information, we can work together to help your business accomplish the set goals in the best way possible. When your outlook, your goals, and the way forward are clear to us, we will utilize all the resources available and come up with the best possible design to further your cause, and assist in the future requirements of the business. A strategy to create and set up the website is very necessary. This will go a long way in maximizing its potential. If everything that you ought to do for the website is outlined, then it will become easy to organize the things which you set out to accomplish and the process with which you will accomplish them.

Having a clear insight on the communication possibilities, you will enable your prospects and customers to interact with the website. Consider the usage of each element on the website and what will be their objective. Some of your goals will include the following:

• Generation of fresh sales and leads. • Connecting with the target audience. • Creating an ‘opt-in’ list of subscriptions. • Improving interaction with the clients and prospects.

The short-term goal of your website might be as simple as getting a presence in the online world, but make sure that the short-term activities and ventures are useful in the long term too. This will prevent the need to start from scratch, thus saving both money and time in the long run.

For example, the homepage of the website needs to be informative, objective and clutter-free. The unimportant things should not feature on the main pages which welcome your customers. From the very beginning, the main objective of the website needs to be clear and you need to expand as you go along keeping the objective in mind, so as not to hinder progress. The clutter-free homepage will not just give a tranquil look but also welcome the customer with exactly the things he needs and is looking for. The average time to get the visitor’s attention is less than four seconds.

A little transparency on your part will allow us at Advanta to bring forth the best possible solution for your requirements. We can break down the process of your web development into phases, which will accommodate everything that you require. Ultimately, it is your website, which should and will provide a return on the investment, which can again be re-invested in web development in the future. We have at our disposal the latest capabilities and trends, and working as a team, we will come up with a highly successful website for your business.