There is a common misconception about marketing and advertising. Many believe that marketing and advertising are just variations of the same thing, when in reality they are very different from each other. Marketing focuses on corporate communications, market research and business strategies while advertising promotes the brand or the business. More specifically, advertising may include a visual extension of brand identity to a specific targeted audience, creative concept development, photography and video production, trade show promotion to draw booth traffic and a strategic visual online presence. By combining marketing with advertising, a business can produce strong leads and grow rapidly.

Brand identity is an important factor of success for any company. The brand is the public face of the business. With such an important role, there are many things to take into consideration for a business to have a powerful brand identity. Core messaging and copywriting for example, is essential in delivering the right message to the public. Photographs and videos on the other hand give the public a general visual impression about the business. In addition to that, trade shows and websites are also platforms on which a business can advertise itself and it is why these two markets should be tapped sufficiently.

In terms of marketing, corporate communication allows businesses to deliver the right messages to potential customers through a variety of forms, from speech writing to sales tool creation. Having the right business strategy is also important to ensure that the business stay competitive in the market. Market research needs to be completed first so that the core operation of the business fits within the demand of the market. This research can be in the form of focus groups, telephone studies, online surveys and other ethnographic sources.

In today’s increasingly complex and niche markets, there are not many firms that can offer sophisticated marketing and advertising to their clients. The costs of doing both tasks generally increase because of the need to hire multiple firms.

At Advanta Advertising, LLC, we are not only specialists in advertising and marketing, but also investor and public relations. Advanta has been in the market for over 15 years and has attracted clients such as Abbott Laboratories, Inc., CordenPharma, Unigene, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline and many others. Advanta is also one of the few firms that develop custom websites and investor relations on top of marketing and advertising for the pharmaceutical, lifescience, biotech, and medical industy. Through Advanta, a business can easily create solutions that provide results.

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