Ready to be well “liked”? Advanta Advertising, LLC understands the science of “likes” and followers, and prepares you with a strategy to communicate with your targeted audience to enhance customer service, build brand recognition, and create a social media presence that can generate a solid return on investment. Through our trusted partnership, Advanta works with clients to set focused business goals and provide creative and engaging social media campaigns, including written content and graphics tailored for the industry. We also prepare analytics reports to show growth and offer the option for managed pay per click ad space to generate larger engagement among peers. Advanta’s social media services not only bring a personal voice to your brand, but prepare you with a well-rounded, professional profile that generates conversations while building new industry relationships.

  • Profile / Strategy Creation
  • Creative Branded Campaigns
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Daily Interaction
  • Setup & Maintenance Pay-Per-Click / Google AdWords