Wouldn’t it be nice if your website designed itself? Well, it can, but it’s not as easy as you’d think – and, unfortunately, our review of The Grid’s claims finds the desired results aren’t achieved.

In the ever-evolving field of website design, you now have the option of having artificial intelligence (AI) design your website via a site called The Grid. However, the process is tedious and far from intuitive.

You, the user, would run through the interface to add things to make it your own, such as content, images, colors, font stylings, and importance (among other things).

The Grid’s AI then takes that information and builds the website for you. However, we found that the user continually has to go back to the interface to change the design, the importance of information, etc. Another hang-up we found was that the interface won’t tell you the order in which it populates things on your website – you’ll have to guess and figure it out on your own through time-consuming trial and error. Additionally, these changes that you continually make are not specific to one page or a section of the website, they occur globally, to the entire site. So, what works for one page might render another page completely useless.

Furthermore, the website layouts are generally limited, and custom font choices are not possible. The ability of AI to crop an image solely based upon facial recognition to fit a given space can easily lose the emotion and purpose for the design of the entire image. And the AI adjusting the overall saturation and hue of images to “unify” the website seems to make many designs look the same – and how many brands want to share that vintage look?

We were unable to test the security and ease-of-use of an ecommerce design by The Grid AI, and we determined the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be non-existent.

So while The Grid technically succeeds at applying a given set of style rules to your content, it lacks the intuition, strategy and purpose which drives a designer’s focus on ROI. The Grid is an interesting sandbox, but we feel it falls far short of fulfilling expectations for AI website design.

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