How should you review a marketing proposal to get the most value for your budget? Marketing proposals can be either thin or robust. Is one better than the other? CEO & Creative Director, Stephanie Kuhla shares some tips from her years in advertising and personal experience in the development process of writing a comprehensive and thoughtful proposal.

Questions to Ask When Reviewing a Marketing Proposal

Before accepting a marketing proposal, you should first ask yourself some questions when reviewing it.

  1. Has your marketing company asked for or identified your top competitors?
  2. Has your marketing company asked about your brand? Your logo? Your goals?
  3. Have they asked how you want your brand to be reflected among your marketing materials, i.e., your website, your brochures, your trade show booth materials? Or discussed how your website content will bring value to other advertising, i.e., email blasts, social media, brochures, or trade show booths?
  4. Is the marketing proposal transparent? Do you understand what is and is not being proposed?
  5. Is there a clearly defined set of tasks or services listed with clear value or purpose?
  6. Does the marketing proposal reflect anticipated or needed growth?
  7. Does your marketing company offer a full variety of services?
  8. Have you reviewed all of the work outlined and not just glanced at the price?
  9. When comparing one proposal to another, are you comparing apples to apples, or apples to oranges?

It is important for a quality marketing proposal to reflect your brand’s goals, while being respectful of your budget.

It is important for your marketing company to be able to meet your advertising needs both online and in printed materials, including trade shows and conferences.


Surprised by the Cost?

Are you surprised by the cost of a robust marketing proposal? Take a breath and consider whether there are options or phases which can be delayed and budgeted for in the near future. Consider whether the proposal reflects the big picture needed to prepare your brand for growth. Your marketing company should be capable of meeting your current needs with room to grow with you in the future.

Bottom Line

Advanta well serves a niche in the advertising industry, with its decades of experience in building brands for pharmaceutical, life science, drug development, biopharma, biotech, medical device, and medical offices.

In these highly regulated industries, we know the importance of due diligence and respect the regulation required. Our work reflects caution and care for these brands and our commitment to creativity and strategic differentiation for your company. Our proposals are not “one-offs”, or “one-size-fits-all”.

Advanta is committed to being flexible, to meet a brand’s budgetary needs, and to be able to represent each company, no matter the size, from startups to industry leaders. Because of this, we create unique proposals after hours of investment.

Your marketing proposal should be respectful of your budget, your goals, and experienced in your industry, in order to make the most of your investment.

No time to sort out your marketing proposal? CEO and Creative Director,
Stephanie N. Kuhla, will personally review it for free and ensure you have a fair proposal.