Specialist advertising firm ‘Advanta’ takes the lead for Lighthouse Instruments LLC.


NEW JERSEY, USA (December 21, 2016) – WORLD leading manufacturer of laser test and measurement systems, Lighthouse Instruments LLC, have announced a fresh strategic partnership with specialist advertising firm Advanta Advertising. Positioned globally as a market leader with an established pedigree for high quality non-destructive laser spectroscopy systems, Lighthouse Instruments LLC is looking to increase brand exposure and reach, through Advanta Advertising’s proactive approach to exploring new branding concepts and focused marketing solutions for Lighthouse products and services. Advanta Advertising has built a reputation for meeting client needs through forward-thinking approaches to engaging new audiences, expanding brand reach and establishing traction in new markets. The company is excited to be working alongside Lighthouse Instruments and look forward to the partnership prospering through 2017. Advanta spokesperson, Stephanie Kuhla, commented: “We are honored that Jim Veale and Derek Duncan from Lighthouse Instruments have chosen us as their agency of record. We look forward to building a strong and lasting partnership with Lighthouse for many years to come and to contribute to the successful advancement of their corporate communications and marketing goals.”

About Advanta Advertising

At Advanta Advertising LLC, we understand that the marketing and branding needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, and life science industries are just as complex as the products our clients develop. For over 15 years, our mission has been to successfully develop, transform, and expand brands by creating powerful messaging – with a human touch. Our goal is simple: create memorable branding and marketing campaigns that expand your reach by focusing on three principles; creativity, proactiveness, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

About Lighthouse Instruments

Virginia based ‘Lighthouse Instruments’ is a market leading global supplier of laser test and measurement systems, specifically for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and contract manufacturing industries. The company’s mission is to be the leading provider of optical-based non-destructive headspace analysis systems, which lower the cost and ensure the quality of parenteral products.

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